How About Giving Up Plastic Bags for Lent?

Today marks the start of Lent, a 40 day period that Christians use for personal reflection in preparation for Easter. As part of that reflection, many people give up something that they feel is inhibiting their lives – alcohol, chocolate and other sweets are some of the most popular things to “give up.” If you’re looking for something unique that will be good for you and good for the community, how about giving up plastic shopping bags. 

Why give up the bag? A major study conducted by AWS found that plastic bags make up at least 21% of trash in the Anacostia River. These bags clog storm drains, cause flooding, are harmful to wildlife, and are virtually impossible to clean up.

Jurisdictions around the country and across the globe have taken action against these hazardous products and enacted plastic bag laws. As a result of the 5 cent per bag fee in D.C., we have seen a nearly 60% decline in bags captured by our trash trap on Nash Run. It is possible to reduce and even eliminate plastic bags, but we need your help.

Please take the pledge to go at least 40 days without plastic shopping bags. You might find it surprisingly easy to get by without them. And 40 days from now, the Easter Bunny will be very proud of you!



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