The Seeds Have Been Sown

Saving Our Native Grasslands with Students

By Maureen Farrington, Marketing Manager

Like the Anacostia River's wetlands, riverside meadows are an important ecosystem and habitat that benefit the health of the river.  Through our Saving Our Native Grasslands (SONG) program, the Anacostia Watershed Society has been able to work with students to teach them about this crucial habitat, even having them collect and sow native wildflower and grass seeds!

The AWS education team was delighted to see some figurative "seeds" get sown with the students. Like many of us, lots of students were wary of stepping into the tall grasses, with a fairly standard squeamishness towards bugs in particular.  Director of Education Chris Lemieux recalled one cold morning at a meadow planting with a class from Key Elementary when he picked up a docile grasshopper.  "Squish it!" cried a group of the kids, with others looking fearfully on. As Chris took the time to point out his antennae and other insect parts that the kids had studied, their attitude gradually changed, and they took turns holding and petting the bug. 

This year, students helped to restore 10 acres of grassland! We are so proud and grateful for all of their work.

We also spread the word about this work on social media, as you can see below. Feel free to do the same!



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