June 9 - Prince George's County Council committee hearing on stormwater bill

The Prince George's County Council is once again taking up the issue of stormwater management, after voting to table needed legislation in the fall.  (The county is currently out of compliance with state law and has been for over a year.) 

Stormwater is the polluted runoff that comes from roofs, roads, and parking lots when it rains, carrying trash, debris, and pollutants into storm drains that empty directly into the Anacostia River.  Polluted stormwater runoff flows into the Anacostia from parking lots and other impervious surfaces in developed areas because current county law does not require adequate stormwater management.  These insufficient stormwater management requirements mean that developers get to build projects without properly accounting for the stormwater runoff and water pollution generated by their projects.  If sewage treatment plants, factories, and other polluters have to clean up their pollution, why do we let developers get away with water pollution that kills our streams and floods our communities?  Remember, existing development has caused existing problems.



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