Vote for the Anacostia this Tuesday!

By Dan Smith, Public Policy and Advocacy Director

Tuesday, Nov. 4 is Election Day. And make no mistake about it, the Anacostia is on the ballot.

Who we elect in the District and Maryland has a direct effect on the Anacostia. It is these policy makers -- local, state, and national -- who will set the pace and help us find the resources for the next phase of cleanup. We have come a long way in our 25 year campaign for the Anacostia, but little of it would have been possible without strong laws and their enforcement and the active commitment of elected officials.

A new report last week from Environment America highlights the ongoing cleanup of our river as a Clean Water Act success story. We sued under that Act to end the release of 2 billion gallons of sewage each year to the river, for example. And thanks to funding identified by elected officials, major initiatives to curtail polluted runoff are rolling out across the watershed.

We continue to need elected officials who understand and are passionate about cleaning our waterways and making our communities sustainable. So please, elect officials who get it!

The Anacostia Watershed Society does not endorse candidates (tax laws prevent it). So do your research. Check out articles from the Washington Post, the voting records and endorsements issued by groups who can evaluate candidates including the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club Maryland, Sierra Club DC, and Clean Water Action. League of Women Voters Guides are online for Maryland and the District of Columbia.

With voter turnout expected to be very low your vote is more important than usual. One primary election in our watershed was decided this year by just SIX VOTES. So vote.

Need more motivation? A national campaign urging millennials to vote is certainly relevant here where 1,000 new residents are moving to DC each month. #GoVote.

If you vote in the District, early voting continues through Sat., 11/1 at 7 pm at nine locations.  Early voting has ended in Maryland, so be sure to SHOW UP in person Tuesday.



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