Anacostia River Legacy Society

Planned Giving

As a contributor to the Anacostia Watershed Society, you will help create a legacy for later generations---today’s children and grandchildren, who deserve the opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders, health and vitality of the Anacostia River and its tributaries. You will be part of the creation of new docks and trails along the river, boating, environmental education for thousands of youth, stewardship of the wetlands and long term protection of the river itself.

If you would like to learn more about planned giving, or have already included the Anacostia Watershed Society in your plans, please click here to contact us by clicking here.

In simple terms, planned giving is an opportunity to make your mark for generations to come with a gift to a charitable organization that shares your values and priorities with the future. The Anacostia Watershed Society invites you to create a legacy that endures by making a planned gift as a part of your financial, retirement or estate plan. Planned gifts may include securities, retirement funds, a portion or a specific amount directed by a will or trust.

Your planned gift will benefit the river long into the future – beyond the challenges we are tackling today. We’re on track to make the Anacostia fishable and swimmable by 2025, but our work won’t be over then. To preserve and protect a clean Anacostia forever, we’ll need to activate a growing population to understand, enjoy and vigilantly protect this treasure of a river flowing through our communities.  Your planned gift will help us do that -- and a clean, vital, protected Anacostia River will be your legacy for generations to come.

One of the easiest and most enduring ways to support the Anacostia Watershed Society is to include us in your financial plan for the future. Planned gifts are popular because of the financial flexibility and tax benefits they may provide. There are many benefits of doing so including knowing that the things you value will benefit from your support, and sharing your philanthropic goals with your family and community. Your charitable objectives will be honored through the actions of the Anacostia Watershed Society.

A planned gift to the Anacostia Watershed Society may be fully deductible for tax purposes and may be exempt from inheritance taxes. You can maximize the impact and benefit of your gift to the Anacostia Watershed Society by working with your advisors in a way that best fits your circumstances and intentions.

Bequests are flexible and versatile. We understand that circumstances change; you have the ability to change your plans at any time.

  • Will and Trust
    A will or testament is a legal declaration by which you provide for the distribution of your property at death. A trust is an entity that holds assets during your lifetime, then transfers ownership or benefit of those assets upon your death. Your advisor can guide you in choosing the best vehicle for your needs. Naming the Anacostia Watershed Society as a beneficiary in your will or trust can be as simple as including a few sentences; recommended language is available at our website. Your gift will make a lasting contribution to the Anacostia River.
  • Gifts of Stock
    Gifts of stock or appreciated securities during your lifetime are a simple way of contributing to the Anacostia Watershed Society and may allow you to reduce or even eliminate federal capital gains tax. Stocks can carry substantial capital gains and/or appreciate in value. A stock portfolio can be one of the most valuable assets to both you and our organization. When you transfer your appreciated securities (or stocks) to our organization, you may be able to receive an income tax deduction at the full fair market value of the donated asset. Your tax advisor can provide specific guidance.
  • Retirement Plans
    Retirement assets make ideal charitable gifts. They may be tax-exempt as a donated asset, whereas they could be subject to income taxes that would otherwise be paid by your beneficiaries. You can name the Anacostia Watershed Society as a primary, partial or contingent beneficiary of a percentage of your plan. To contribute through a distribution of your retirement assets, simply obtain a designation of beneficiary form from your retirement plan administrator and complete as directed. You can decide what percentage of your assets or specific amount you would like the Anacostia Watershed Society to receive.

Tell us about your plans!

We look forward to learning about your planned gift so that we can thank you for your generous intention for the future. With your permission, we would like to celebrate your intentions by including you as a member of our Anacostia River Legacy Society. Members receive unprecedented access to AWS events and special programs and are listed in our annual report  To ensure that your exact intentions are carried out, we invite you to discuss your estate planning goals with our development team. We can help in the preparation of appropriate documents with the advice of your attorney or financial planner.  To discuss your ideas for establishing your legacy gift, please contact Director of Development, Emily Conrad at or 301 699-6204 ext 111.

Tell us your plans!

Tell us your plans


A bequest to the Anacostia Watershed Society helps ensure that we can continue our critical work far into the future.

To discuss your ideas for establishing your legacy gift, please contact Director of Development, Emily Conrad at or 301 699-6204 ext 111.

If you have already included AWS in your estate plans, or would like more information about naming us as a beneficiary of a will, trust or financial account, please click here to fill out this form.