Teacher Training

The AWS Teacher Training Workshop is a 15 hour, two-day training program to empower watershed teachers with the knowledge, materials, and experiences necessary to facilitate and deliver meaningful watershed education experiences providing context for learning. Teachers will become certified in Project WET (Watershed Education for Teachers) and receive the AWS Teacher Resource Kit. In addition teachers will receive 15 Professional Learning Units toward re-certification.

Classroom Instruction

The first day of this workshop introduces basic watershed education concepts while simultaneously equipping participants with materials and practice in facilitating engaging activities, experiments, and games designed to teach watershed education. Participants become certified in Project WET and receive the Project WET curriculum which contains more than 200 various activities related to watershed education. The participants will also receive an AWS Teacher Resource Kit, containing pre-made activities each with only 5 minutes of prep time. The activities teach History, Science, Art, Reading, and Math through the context of Watershed Education.

Field Study and Viewing the Wildlife on the Tidal Anacostia

The second day of this workshop is a field study via canoe or pontoon boat on the northern five miles of the Anacostia River called the King Fisher Canoe Trail. Participants will conduct water quality testing while encountering various ecosystems along the river from wetland habitats to forested riparian buffers. Despite its stigma, this part of the Anacostia is teeming with life and is rich with animal-plant and predator-prey interactions. The field study on the Anacostia will provide the connection between the land and the water demonstrating the significance of healthy land ecosystems affecting healthy river ecosystems. This will prepare teachers with the experience necessary to facilitate meaningful watershed education experiences with their students.

Restoration Efforts in the Anacostia Watershed

As a culmination of the teacher training, teachers will participate in an off-site restoration activity such as a wetland restoration project in the mudflats of the Anacostia River or removal of invasive plants in a neighboring park. AWS will support trained teachers with field experiences and restoration experiences with their students.

For more information please contact: 
Lee Cain
Manager of Environmental Education Programs
Anacostia Watershed Society
office: 301 699 6204
cell: 301 768 0952
e-mail: lcain@anacostiaws.org




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