Green Roof Rebate Program Project Registration Form (2016-2017)

Project registration is the first step in the District's RiverSmart Rooftops Green Roof Rebate application process. Please complete the form below to submit your application to the Anacostia Watershed Society.

Once your complete registration is received, AWS will send materials so you may continue the application process. If you have questions please refer to the document titled Application Process or call us at 301-699-6204 x121.

Applications for recently completed or existing green roofs will not be accepted. You must start the rebate process before you have received a permit for the green roof.

All projects must be in the District of Columbia

Please locate your sub-watershed by using THIS map
SSL: This information can be found at:
Go to, then type the project address, then right click and choose “What’s here?" The latitude and longitude coordinates will appear in the top search box.

If New Construction, indicate whether you are using all or part of your green roof for your stormwater management permit (All/Part/None).

residential, commercial, house, apartment building, garage, etc.

flat or %pitch

square feet

square feet

If your project is New Construction, please indicate above only the portion of the green roof that exceeds the DCRA/DDOE stormwater management permit requirements. See Application Process document for more information.

e.g., Standard built-up, modules with expanded stone, etc. 3" depth minimum required or demonstrated 1" stormwater retention performance. Alternative systems will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If not open to the public on a regular basis, roofs should be accessible for occasional verification visits, and guided tours if possible.



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