Native Plant Restoration

Besides reducing the populations of highly invasive plants, an important component to habitat restoration is reintroducing native plants.

The Anacostia River watershed has been subject to a plethora of man-made ecosystem disturbances since the colonial times. Ever since, the watershed has lost 70% of its woodlands and 6,500 acres of wetlands according to the AWRP.  AWS has been trying to recover the shores of the Anacostia since 1989 by planting native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. 

AWS organizes volunteer events year-round to propagate and maintain native plants along streambanks, wetlands, and degraded sites throughout the Anacostia Watershed. Our projects include planting trees, creating meadows, revegetating sites that have been subject to invasive plant control, and restoring tidal wetland habitat. As these native trees and other plants grow they generate improvements in local water quality, air quality, urban and suburban aesthetic value, stormwater control, wildlife habitat, and the restoration of ecosystem processes and functions.

Our three main programs that promote revegetation in the Anacostia Watershed are Tree Planting, Wetland Restoration, and Anacostia Riparian Meadow Restoration (ARMR).  Find out more about these programs on the side bar.

Native Plant Revegetation Resources



We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that will engage your hands, your head, and your heart in the protection and restoration of our local lands and water.

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